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When I heard there was a Pasta place behind the Walgreen's in Bedford, I didn't think much of it as we don't eat pasta, mostly stay away from carbs. However, my husband was checking out the menu and decided to give it a try as they have vegetable noodles as one of the options. We got those along with the TBL8 specialty sauce. This h ... read more
Elise Lutz via - Nov 29, 2020
They are a tad pricey but one order feeds two.
Harold Kozlowski via - Nov 11, 2020
Very authentic and delicious fresh ...
Very authentic and delicious fresh pasta. Exactly what we where looking for. The Alfredo sauce on any pasta is absolutely delicious. I would recommend going to Table 8 Pasta.
Edward T. via - Oct 3, 2020
This pasta is equivalent or better then 5star Italian restaurants in my opinion amazing chicken Alfredo.
Gotchabro414 via - Aug 8, 2020
Absolutely the best pasta and sauce
Absolutely the best pasta and sauce I have ever had! The tbl8 specialty sauce is just a perfect creamy tomato with pancetta and mushrooms. Every time I have it I wonder how I waited so long to return. The homemade pasta is cooked to the...More ... read more
alannh1 via - Jul 17, 2020
This place is great. Best pasta and Bedford.
Ryan Bouchard via - Jun 25, 2020
Quick, easy pick up. Healthy portions. Great food.
Steve Beal Sr. via - Jun 7, 2020
Three of us had dinner at Table ...
Three of us had dinner at Table 8. The fresh pasta was cooked just right. The owner told us about his meatball recipe and they were wonderful. They were slightly browned on one side, which shows they are real and not frozen made in a factory. The sauces were very tasty.
Dante D. via - May 8, 2020
YUMMY! Portions are hit or miss though -sometimes there is a ton of food and other times the portions are a but skimpy. The caesar salad is amazing!!!
Andrew Vincent via - Apr 30, 2020
Best past and Alfredo sauce that ...
Best past and Alfredo sauce that I have ever had! (I am particular when it comes to quality food) The restaurant's atmosphere is very "Rustic", but the food makes up for this! After my first visit for take out, I found out that the person at the register was in fact, the owner. Wonderful and gracious personality! I am looking forward ... read more
Karen F. via - Apr 15, 2020
Great Take Out Choice During Coronavirus
My wife and I have decided to order takeout once a week from local restaurants during the corona virus pandemic, to try and keep some business flowing to local establishments. We ordered their family style 1/2 tray of Fenway Bake - marinara sauce, rigatoni pasta,...More ... read more
NH_Joe via - Apr 11, 2020
Purchased the lasagna special on our way home, after a busy day. Absolutely delicious! I make a pretty good lasagna from scratch and this is as good if not better!
Sheryl Roberge via - Jan 30, 2020
Picked up lasagna for 6 from T8 tonight...outstanding. Not much else to say but yum. We make it from scratch for our big family and T8 Nailed it ... read more
kel lawrence via - Jan 30, 2020
I have eaten there many times and the sauce is outstanding. I have tried most of them and cannot get enough. The pasta is all made in-house too. So for fresh-made, it doesn't get any better than this place!
Greg Schneider via - Nov 29, 2019
Fantastic pasta, very fresh and delicious!
Julia Ladd via - Nov 26, 2019
Good solid food and helpful staff.
Tom M via - Oct 21, 2019
Was there on Saturday night for a fun raiser food was delicious brought to your table piping hot definitely going back.
Arthur Hebert via - Oct 21, 2019
Casual Italian at It's Best
This is no fancy place . . . pretty bear bones, which puts the emphasis on the food. The pasta is cooked perfectly & comes to the table steaming. We tried the Fenway & Marinara sauces, both were good. The serving size is generous ....More ... read more
kimbeelle via - Oct 4, 2019
We decided to come here after reading ...
We decided to come here after reading that Table 8 serves fresh pasta and it's also fast casual. I love fresh pasta and often do you get these 2 choices in 1?

The restaurant inside has tables that seat up to 8 people, but there are two tables near the front that are more comfortable for groups or families of 3 or 4. The walls
... read more
L W. via - Sep 7, 2019
We ordered the family style chicken alfredo with both cheesy and regular garlic bread. The food was ready at the promised time, and the entire family loved it! Enough leftovers for a lunch for 2 or 3.
Andrew Brown via - Aug 29, 2019
I used DoorDash to try this restaurant ...
I used DoorDash to try this restaurant for this first time, so I will definitely update when I got to the physical restaurant! I ordered the zucchini noodles to save on carbs and calories - I also added olives and veggies- very good! The meal was light and delicious.
Vanessa E. via - Aug 28, 2019
Great food ... read more
Suzanne Blanchette via - Aug 25, 2019
Fabulous pasta and sauces and meatballs ...
Fabulous pasta and sauces and meatballs to die for!

I had half zucchini noodles and half fusilli with the Table 8 dance and my husband had campanelli noodles with Fenway sauce. The pastas were cooked al denté and the sauces were both incredible. We also ordered meatballs which were just like Nonna's!

Thank you for a w
... read more
Maki K. via - Aug 23, 2019
Don’t miss out on the table 8 signature sauce
Second visit made this a go to place to perfectly cooked fresh pasta and great sauces. I discovered the table 8 sauce and I can’t imagine not having it every time. Perfect sauce in my book and I think you will agree. Pasta was just...More ... read more
alannh1 via - Aug 8, 2019
Went here for the first time today ...
Went here for the first time today, amazing food great service! What more could you ask for than real food at the right price and in five minutes it's in front of you. If you want that lame wine and dine experience with all the pomp and circumstance then stay home but if you're looking for something easy delicious healthy and cheap t ... read more
Olivia F. via - Jul 21, 2019
Love their pasta (and sauces).
Love their pasta (and sauces). I usually call ahead and order so that it's ready by the time I arrive (usually anywhere from 10-15 mins.). Great staff, great atmosphere. My only suggestions would be that they add feta cheese to their menu (and that they automatically include a set of plasticware with to go orders) :) ... read more
Marc M. via - Jul 21, 2019
Went in today with a co-worker for a pick up order! The young lady at the front was EXTREMELY friendly. She answered all our questions and went over promos. after returning to the office to eat our lunch, we discovered how DELICIOUS the food was. The gentleman cooking in the back was very kind and definitely knows how to cook! I wo ... read more
Corrie Guptill via - Jul 17, 2019
The pasta was amazing !!!! The sauce was nice and consistent and not watery. The chicken was perfectly seasoned to not over power the sauce. And the chessey garlic bread was awesome !!!!
Stephanie Duras via - Jun 29, 2019
I'm trying to cut back on pasta ...
I'm trying to cut back on pasta these days (can't burn it off like I used to). I was glad to see they offer a few sandwiches at lunch time. I've tried the meatball and chicken parm and both were as good as I've ever had. They take a bit Ionger to make but the meatball and cutlet was made fresh. Worth the wait. Wish they would add mor ... read more
Michael K. via - Jun 25, 2019
Best Italian in a While
Love TBL8! Really comfortable environment, it's in the footprint of a former florist, so lots of light, super clean, and very roomy. You can watch the cooks and talk with them (the family that owns the place are really great to get to know, really...More ... read more
Kevin B via - Jun 22, 2019
Love TBL8! Really comfortable environment ...
Love TBL8! Really comfortable environment, it's in the footprint of a former florist, so lots of light, super clean, and very roomy. You can watch the cooks and talk with them (the family that owns the place are really great to get to know, really up-and-coming fixtures in the Bedford area who do a lot for the local schools and youth ... read more
Kevin B. via - Jun 22, 2019
Love TBL8! Really comfortable environment, it's in the footprint of a former florist, so lots of light, super clean, and very roomy. You can watch the cooks and talk with them (the family that owns the place are really great to get to know, really up-and-coming fixtures in the Bedford area who do a lot for the local schools and youth ... read more
Kevin Brouillette via - Jun 21, 2019
On a whim I got the TBL8 with chicken and vegetable pasta…. DEFINITELY GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN.
ArcSpartan009 . via - Jun 14, 2019
Always delicious! Fast friendly service as well. Large portions, there's not many places I can split a meal and still be full, this is one of them.
The SmartShopper via - Jun 14, 2019
Great food...Casual dining ... read more
Linda Seabury via - Jun 11, 2019
Headline: Table 8 Pasta works for ...
Headline: Table 8 Pasta works for those on low-carb diets!With the availability of zucchini noodles (and no upcharge for them), you can put a very tasty, low-carb meal together.The two Table 8 employees were very friendly and helpful. I had the zucchini noodles with red clam sauce and asparagus. My kids had conventional pasta with ma ... read more
JM K. via - Jun 11, 2019
Fresh and Delicious!
Whether it’s for a party or just when you don’t want to cook, the food is consistently fresh and delicious!
CoopDog19 via - May 10, 2019
Think Chipolte for pasta lovers!!
What a hidden gem this place is! It has a similar set up to Chipolte. You pick your pasta, sauce and toppings. Everything is made in house. The owner was behind the register and was super helpful explaining how to order and his reccomdations. We...More ... read more
NHmama23 via - May 10, 2019
Awesome food and friendly staff, highly recommend.
Devin von Gunten via - Apr 19, 2019
I thought the food was delicious but a bit over priced...the atmosphere was nice but very noisy because of the open space...I was there for lunch and there were only a couple of people in restaurant and you could hear them talking because if echo... while I was sitting there eating one of the employees dropped a tray or something in ... read more
Randy Parnell via - Apr 12, 2019
Another great meal...
Eric Sylvain via - Apr 11, 2019
Went in on a whim an hour before close with my family for the first time. We hit the staff with a barrage of questions about specials and options, each of which was promptly and politely answered. They didn't rush us into making decisions and we felt welcome and appreciated. Food arrived piping hot, well seasoned and was delicious. W ... read more
Robert Price via - Apr 9, 2019
Pasta primavera with zucchini noodles Excellent!!!!
Pasta primavera with zucchini noodles Excellent!!!!
Michael Mccammon via - Apr 8, 2019
Friendly, each dish made custom to order.
Scott Bilik via - Mar 31, 2019
No your normal Italian/pasta restaurant
We went on a Friday night and the parking was pretty full. You order at the counter. Quite a few options for pasta and options. Or salads. Each dish is custom made for you. Limited menu. Food took awhile but they were busy. Lots of...More ... read more
USMCRip via - Mar 29, 2019
Amazing pasta with great sauce ...
Amazing pasta with great sauce for reasonable price. Numerous choices of pasta, sauce, protein, etc. Definitely worth looking over the menu and taking a shot.
Brendan S. via - Mar 9, 2019
I have had takeout twice in the ...
I have had takeout twice in the past five weeks. I ordered linguini with Table 8 sauce and linguini with garden sauce. Both meals were good, and I would order them again. Service was friendly courteous and. Efficient. Pasta was slightly overcooked, but with the sauce they were very good.  Not much on ambience if your eating in, very ... read more
Brian B. via - Mar 5, 2019
Oh my gosh!  I've tried this place ...
Oh my gosh!  I've tried this place many times and tried many different dishes and always thought it was excellent. You can always ask for extra sauce but up-and-down the menu my whole family has loved everything. Give it a try judge for yourself. ambience is good and the people are super friendly. Wicked good ... read more
Sherrie B. via - Mar 1, 2019
Amazing meal, definitely recommend.
steve johnson via - Feb 18, 2019
Absolutely, incredibly, and ridiculously delicious. I had gluten free penne with Alfredo and it was SOOOOO yummy!!!! I am not a huge fan of the ambience, personally (just a little too modern for my tastes), and that Alfredo sauce is totally gonna get me back there anyway! 😁 Garlic bread was also good!
Miss Fæ via - Feb 16, 2019
We pre-ordered food for the Super Bowl and it was amazing. We had the marinara pasta bake, the chicken broccoli alfredo bake, caesar salad (amazing dressing) and garlic bread. Easy to re-heat and our company could not stop raving about it. I will definitely be back!
heather crowe via - Feb 6, 2019
Best pasta I've had. Their family bake meals are awesome. Everyone there is friendly and helpful with meal selection.
Jim Doyle via - Feb 4, 2019
Simply. Great. Pasta.
If you are looking for ambiance, table service, cloth napkins, and relaxation, Table 8 is not for you. These people specialize in one thing--PASTA. Quick, fresh PASTA. All their sauces and pasta are made right there in front of you, and you get nothing but...More ... read more
StarWeez via - Dec 23, 2018
Never knew this place was here but owner told me it has been here for 4 months kind of set back into Bedford but by far the best food I have ever eaten so customizable and delicious I got alot of vegies in mine and my husband had the meatballs in his meal and we were soooooo pleased with our food we will be visiting frequently as thi ... read more
Nicole marier via - Dec 14, 2018
Delicious food, fresh pasta, and great service! This is a great new addition to the restaurant scene in Bedford!
Dan Dube via - Dec 13, 2018
Quick, casual, fun, great fresh food ... read more
Lance Gabert via - Dec 7, 2018
Had the gemelli with the TBL8 pasta sauce, was delicious with a hint of spiciness. Food is served quickly with counter service ordering. Restaurant is clean, bright, and feels very open.
Alex Micciche via - Dec 6, 2018
So glad Table 8 Pasta opened in ...
So glad Table 8 Pasta opened in Bedford. What a great little restaurant. The veggie pasta is made with zucchini noodles and with the primavera sauce is so delicious. They have so many options from gluten free, to vegan to meat lover pasta dinners. The salads and garlic bread are wonderful too. It is spotlessly clean with a cool indus ... read more
Mary T. via - Nov 30, 2018
The food is great! Good variety of customizable pasta dishes to choose from, in addition to custom sauces. They have gluten free options available as well.
Stacey via - Nov 19, 2018
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